Context & Business Goals

Brainsy is an on-demand, phone-based, white-label advice platform that is deployed by trade organizations, professional societies and industry leading figures as an alternative revenue stream. It is industry/sector agnostic but increasingly popular in niche interest areas. The product has been in “stealth mode” until recently, has patented technology backing it, and has been working on honing in the customer and SaaS platform for the last 2.5 years.

Responsibility on Project

LeadOut Sales started the engagement with a Discovery Sprint and design of a Trello board for the outbound goals of Brainsy. Following the Discovery, Brainsy engaged again specifically for the outbound strategy, lead list evaluation and compilation, marketing automation platform selection and design, CRM selection and design, email content and execution of the entire process.

Size & Duration

The initial engagement was a 6 hour discovery including design of the project management board with focus on the outbound strategy. The second SOW focused on execution of that Discovery. This process took 14 working days.

Results & Outcomes

We are still seeing successful sales conversation via emails coming into Brainsy. We were able to test and identify a message that outperformed the others, design and teach the founder how to construct workflows as well as outlined an easy process to replicate for other pricing models of his business, build mturk flows for email generation, set up DKIM auth, list segmentation design, copywriting for outbound emails, set up Hubspot CRM, create success metrics and provide KPI tracking recommendations, and more. In the first test to 50 contacts, he generated 4 meetings (SQLs). Brains also was able to bring on a full-time sales representative to engage with all the qualified leads the system is generating and will engage with LeadOut sales again in 2016 to begin honing his inbound strategy. The outbound system designed targeting only 1 persona allowed him to close three large association deals which his investors wanted to see in 2016.


“The LeadOut team provides a customized, white glove service for any organization seeking to set-up and operate their own sales and marketing automation infrastructure. Responsive, strategic, and detail oriented in their approach, I’d highly recommended them.”
~Brian Christie, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer, Brainsy

Date: July 28, 2016
Client: Nuketone
Category: Project Services