From marketing automation programing to data enrichment activities to one-day workshops specific to your lead generation problems, we work with clients who don’t have the luxury of time or budget to hire someone to fix or current staff lacks the in-house talent to accomplish it. We help establish strategy and follow through with a variety of tactical activities to execute, test, measure, repeat, and teach. We have extensive experience and have delivered results implementing lead-based marketing systems for services and product companies in the technology sector for light-weight to global sales and marketing teams. All so you focus on what you do best - sell to qualified buyers.



B2B LeadGen Microsite Builds

Marketing Automation Implementation: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce & more

Lead Nurture Campaigns

Landing Pages Design and promotion

SEO Keyword and Content Strategies

Trend Research Leveraging Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, Trends

Analytic tool implementation

Trigger-based Lead List Curation

BI API implementation

Outbound Email Code Design

DNS Record Editing

Customer List Building with Data-Enrichment

Pipeline Design and Forecasting

Conference, Offline, and Online Event Strategies

Collateral Design

Product or Services KPI design

Automation of previous manual activities

User Persona Definitions

Persona Research

International Prospect Targeting and Promotion Strategy

Public Releations

Media List Building

Influencer Marketing

Product Market Fit

Social Prospecting Strategies

Native, Display and Social Advertising PPC Campaigns







An outside opinion. It’s often difficult to see the forest through the trees and hiring a FTE CMO can take 6 months or more. An outsourced CMO gives you a skill set that only comes with vast industry experience more quickly. We are able to draw on past successes and failures, and have found as well as developed unique solutions that deliver results quickly and under budget. After years in the field, our industry connections allow us to tap into the best resources that we know can deliver. It’s our job to know the future of the industry - let us help you implement your lead generation systems more quickly to separate your company from competitors.


●  Data-driven campaign design to increase leads, boost revenue.

●  Leverage new marketing trends and engagement habits to drive customer conversion.

●  Improve your brand and the overall customer experience.

●  Oversee the creation and promotion of brand new products or services.

●  Develop data-driven strategies for things such as segmentation, pricing, retention, marketing intelligence, and product roadmaps.

●  Act as a liaison between the marketing department, sales department and other departments in the organization.

●  Work to ensure marketing, sales, and customer services teams run efficiently, and that the marketing activities across various channels are integrated and consistent.



Having managed various internal teams as well as contractors in small and medium sized business, our combined knowledge allows us to work with a variety of managements styles within marketing and across other functions within the businesses. Whether it’s working with an engineering team or chief research scientist to an outside sales team or the C-suite, LeadOut Sales has demonstrated with past success improving the bottom line of every client on the roster and delivering more leads! Our agile process and tool suite provide transparency and added velocity as well as expose weaknesses or opportunities of improvement of your internal marketing teams. Plus our connections in the industry to highly skilled or young, eager talent expedite your hiring needs and key marketing roles to fill without having to pay a recruiter who doesn’t understand the ever-evolving marketing ecosystem.

marketing specialist training


● Devise training plan customized to fit goals and pressing needs of organization.

● Lead strategy and utilize agile methodology to complete projects providing clarity along the way.

● Weekly sprint planning sessions and constant communication via slack, hangouts, and onsite meetings when necessary.

● Utilize current customer toolsets and implement new tools in a cost-effective manner.

● Weekly and monthly KPI management and instruction.

● Onboarding strategy and build for future marketing hires and team expansion

● Teach internal members to accomplish both project and training needs simultaneously


"Rachel is one of the most dynamic leaders I've had the pleasure of working under. Her resourcefulness, collaborative and agile mindset enabled our marketing team to build one of the strongest software development brands in Colorado. She taught me how to be strategic when it comes to digital marketing and as a new entrant to the workforce, she went beyond the basics in helping me develop the professional skills necessary to go far in my career. She continues to be one of my go-to mentors for advice as I build on what she taught me two years ago."

Simone J. / Trainee Cognizant

“Rachel and Christa consistently exude unparalleled amounts of energy and skill in their endeavors, especially when it comes to the growth of their clients and team members. This talented duo not only inspires people to set and achieve goals, but they provide their teams with the education and tools to shatter them. Whether it was spearheading my technical skills, deep-diving into industry knowledge, or expanding my professional network, Rachel and Christa did nothing but catapult my career on its positive trajectory. These women were truly integral to my development as a sales and technical professional."

Katie M. / Trainee Digital Sales IBM

“Rachel was and will always be a major influence in my career. She's paved the way I perceive marketing and business, and I've taken that with me far past my time working with her at my previous employer. My training that semester was the ideal opportunity to finish off my college career, and it set expectations that have been difficult to match.”

Nick S. / Trainee AdAction Interactive