Context & Business Goals

MuscleSound is one of the only tools on the market that measures muscle energy storage (glycogen) non-invasively to help coaches and their athletes understand how healthy, recovered and ready for competition they are. Prior to MuscleSound, biopsies were the only way to measure glycogen in the muscles. Not only do these procedures cause a great deal of pain, results can take up to a week or more to get which doesn’t help understand how an athlete is performing or recovering at that minute. All data is stored in the cloud and presented easily on a 100 point system through the UI of the web application. Three primary pain points existed: only one person dedicated to sales and marketing, the website wasn’t currently optimized to be an inbound lead generation tool, and popular language didn’t reflect what the product is capable of making it more difficult to educate the masses about why they need MuscleSound. MuscleSound has proven and validated its accuracy and effectiveness in gathering this data through scientific research and is currently bringing it to market. The first monetization structure was to sell a user an ultrasound machine for nearly $30,000 or rent at $700 per month. But now Phillips Lumify has released an ultrasound machine that plugs into your smartphone or tablet and uses a subscription model of only $200 per month.

With new pricing strategies underway, product developments to make it easier to get to market, and solid research backing accuracy and effectiveness, efforts needed to be invested into sales and marketing to bring MuscleSound to the masses. But in order to do this, the one person dedicated to sales and marketing needs to maximize their efforts without bringing on new team members. The client had a runway of 9 months to deliver at least 10 new sales per month per persona.

Responsibility on Project

LeadOut Sales engaged on a month to month basis focusing on Inbound and Outbound strategies and tactics. Leveraging LeadOut Sales to develop an outbound strategy while simultaneously growing the inbound strategy helped develop short-term leads (outbound) and long-term leads (inbound), with the end goals of delivering measurable B2B Sales Qualified Leads in the sports medicine, fitness centers and coaching sector as well as generating relevant industry partnerships.

Size & Duration

The initial engagement was a 3-month time-boxed engagement that started with the first month being a trial period. It included the inbound and outbound strategy, tactics and execution of targeting 4 different personas through outbound and revamping layout, content and design of the website. We also collaborated with current content and video contractors per the client’s request after the first month to deliver our findings and help lead the strategy for future content development and placement. The engagement is still currently extended and we are currently acting as a fractional CMO guiding all marketing efforts in a 6 month contract.

Results & Outcomes

We are still seeing successful sales conversation coming into MuscleSound. We were able to build an outbound system and identify 2000+ prospects to reach out to in the first month. Within the last 2 weeks of the first month of the engagement we were able to convert 36 prospects into qualified leads. We also converted 8 inbound leads with content that already existed on the site through different messaging and positioning – 8 more inbound leads than the company generated in the entire month with content they already possessed and displayed. Due to our agile nature, after the first month, we determined that a different direction was necessary after our findings than what the client initially thought, and are now pursing a different direction with their content strategy. We quickly pivoted, not losing any time, investment or leads.


“Ok, your hard work really shined through. The reports you created and the outline of details are spot on. I am powered up to wow now in my sales meetings. Which is a bonus for all of us! I’ve never seen our CFO nod in agreement in a sales meeting. You’ve saved us time and money and bought us more runway.”

~Marlena Zimmerman, VP Sales, MuscleSound

Date: October 6, 2016
Client: MuscleSound
Category: CMO for hire,Project Services
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