Quick Left

Context & Business Goals

Quick Left is a software development agency founded in 2010. After a merger and acquisition in 2014, bringing on a new CEO, and opening offices in Portland, Denver and San Francisco, growth goals doubled for 2014 and lead generation was a top focus to hit these goals. Prior to hiring anyone in marketing, all sales were made through the founder network which wasn’t sustainable and impossible to scale.

Responsibility on Project

Marketing was responsible for defining the personas, implementing marketing automation software, leveraging a variety of paid and unpaid tools, inbound and outbound techniques, and honing in on messaging including personalization, cadence and crafting of messaging targeting CTOs, Founders and Engineering Managers who either recently received funding or are hiring for services that Quick Left provides. SQLs went from 15-20 per month to a rolling average of 90 per month. MQLs went from 30 per month to over 200. We also were able to eliminate the need of a lead qualification role leveraging free tools.

Size & Duration

This is an ongoing function of the internal marketing team at Quick Left and has been incrementally improving since May of 2014. The manual prospecting validation process of message, timing and personas took 1 week to create and implement and 3 months to test and hone. Creation and implementation of software took 2 weeks for the MVP and is a continuing process to add features, test and improve. The handoff to an internal marketing employee took 2 weeks to onboard and also is an ongoing process to improve.

Results & Outcomes

Leveraging inbound and outbound strategies and marketing automation with Hubspot, mTurk, while building an internal tool to assist, the pipeline for sales is strong with a weighted pipeline value averaging $2.5 million each month. It is the third largest revenue generator for the company and now employees three full time marketers and one developer to maintain the inbound and outbound functionality. Sales does no prospecting at Quick Left and are focused on closing new logo business only. Marketing delivers 100% of SQLs. Quick Left was acquired by Cognizant, a Fortune 500 consulting firm in May of 2016.

Date: October 7, 2016
Client: Quick Left
Category: CMO for hire,Project Services,Training
Quick Left